Platty the Cheese Whiz monster!

Meet Platty!


Platty’s story will melt your heart

This is an amazing story that will brighten your day. I want to share it because it touches my heart. No dog should ever get abandoned, and especially not in times of need. Poor Platty was dumped with a big cancerous tumor on his face…

He is probably the sweetest there is, and if was still living in Tulsa, he probably would become my new best friend. Hats off to his new “mama” and all his support group.

I got his story on, which is an online fundraising site.

-“Platty is a 10-year-old Golden Retriever dumped as a stray at Tulsa Animal Welfare in Oklahoma. He has a monstrous growth in his mouth, initially believed to be cancer, that’s deformed his entire face. He was facing euthanasia due to the lack of funding a municipal animal shelter has to meet, what could possibly be, extensive medical needs.

Alli Elmore, a volunteer at TAW, saw him and fell in love. She didn’t want Platty to die in the shelter, so she brought him home. Today Platty had a biopsy and the diagnosis wasn’t good. It is cancer and it’s metastasized into his lungs. He’s been given maybe two weeks before the cancer finally wins.

At first, we intended to cancel the fundraiser. But at the urging of Platty’s fans and friends, we’ve decided to keep it open until Platty crosses over. We’re calling it Platty’s Memorial Fund and we’ll be using any funds not needed for his medical care for animals with special needs like me at Tulsa Animal Welfare and other deserving rescues. We want to leave a legacy to remind people just because a dog is old or not perfect doesn’t mean they’re not full of love. Platty is definitely full of love.

Any donation is appreciated and we’ll provide updates here and on Platty’s Facebook page, so everyone knows how he’s doing.

Visit him at
– See more at:

Guys, I encourage you to go on his Facebook page and like him (mine too!!) or even give a little if you feel like it!


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