We lead by example

marlow et mommy

I realize more and more each and every day that we lead by example. This is not new to me but having an almost 3 year old little girl following my every step is a eye opener on a lot of things and a constant reminder that we can be a better version of ourselves if we put a little will into it.

I can say for sure that she makes me a better person. As I watch her grow, it’s getting clearer by the day that Miss Copycat does what mommy does, and says what mommy says. It goes the same way with daddy but to a lesser extent. What scares me is that not only she repeats and copies our behaviors, but she also thinks we’re pretty much right no matter what we do or how wrong we can be at times.
Now for us it hasn’t become much of a problem yet but this matter takes a whole new meaning when I start digging a bit into it. It is frightening to know there are people out there who are parents and really shouldn’t be. There are people in charge of tiny little humans who shouldn’t be given this huge responsibility. I can’t do anything about this, neither can you. We can only be responsible for ourselves and our acts. This is the reason why I’m trying to be the best person I can be for my daughter. I want to represent the best role model a daughter could ever be given; and if I don’t do anything else big with my life, I know I will have done everything in my power to mold this little person into a well rounded, happy, respectful and kind human. I’m not saying WE, as parents, are responsible for 100% of who our children will be, but it’s pretty dang close. When I passed by an elementary school and a group of 8-9 years old boys shouted I was hot and they wouldn’t say no to hooking up with me, or when a first grader told me all about the size of the men’s attributes in his family “ma’am, we’ve got big ones in my family”, it’s got to be coming from their parents, something is NOT right there.
That’s where being a parent becomes a challenge. I’m not perfect, but who is? I’m nice but not the nicest, and yes, there are times I really would want to get into it with a-holes when we are out and about. I used to but I won’t anymore. I, instead, show her this is a waste of her time and energy and she should focus on what really matters. I teach her that she doesn’t have to cuss at people in order to get her point across. Big words and perfectly structured sentences placed in a timely manner have more impact. I NEVER ignore her questions or comments about anything so she knows she matters and she has a place, her place here with us. I give her structure and marks so she knows when and what to do. It is a scary world out there, I would love to know I did a good enough job so she’s prepared to face any situation. I know she will make mistakes as I did and still do because, like me, she’s not perfect. All I hope is that I will have helped her be a strong enough individual so she gets back on her feet and learns from it all. I will not stop her from making those mistakes but I will always be there to help her sort her mess out and let her know that after all (she’ll hate me for it), what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

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