Who’s this girl?

My name is Virginie. I am 33 years old and originally from Vichy, France. After 8 years living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United-States, with my husband Kelly (who I met back in France when I was 23) and my 4 year-old daughter Marlow, we are now settled (hopefully for good) in Montreal, Canada and we LOVE it!


This blog is a bit all over the place, a bit about everything, what I feel like putting on (virtual) paper and what matters to me at the time! I do blog in French and English even though you’ll be able to read more English posts because of the diversity of followers of Dans Ma Toile Blog. You’ll be able to tell what language is used for each post by the title.

I started this journey in November 2013 and the blog is now read in over 45 countries.

I do hope you’ll enjoy reading Dans Ma Toile Blog and I can’t wait to see how far this blog can go! Let’s embark on that journey together!

Your comments, likes, and shares are more than welcome. The tiny little cross-like green button is what you need to hit if you want to share a thought! And if you like what you read, why not follow me?

Cheers to a good read! 😉


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