Bring it on!



There’s something about sports. Something wonderful and joytastic! (I get carried away and make up words when I get excited!) I’ve always loved sports. I started basketball when I was 5 years old and never seemed to feel the need to stray away from it totally. I don’t play anymore but I watch! I am a fan for sure. I now live this passion through the eyes (more like feet and hands) of the players and sometimes try to imagine what it would feel like to be the one making that last 3 pointer at the buzzer…YES, I do that!

Now more than ever, I realize the effects sports can have on people, and it’s pretty amazing.
Whether you are on the player side or on the fan side, sports bring people together and that’s what I absolutely love about it. Of course, I’m talking about team sports like basketball, soccer, football or hockey. Now is a pretty exciting time for all these sports -I don’t know about football. Is there something exciting happening in football right now?, the draft maybe- hockey seems to be delivering its load of excitement, soccer is about to invade households as the World Cup approaches and of course, last but not least, it’s my favorite time of the year: the NBA playoffs! Go Spurs go!

It really does bring people together. Whether you’re tall or short, old or young, big or skinny, introvert or extrovert, no matter what; cheering on a team makes you instantly be a part of something greater than you. Wearing the team’s gear or screaming their motto…there’s nothing like it. Not only do sports force human interaction, but it also brings out the warrior side of you. You know, that loud voice you wouldn’t usually express, the growling of the hidden bear in you! (ha)
It always cracks me up to see how determined fans are on the side of the court (field, rink…), as motivated and into the game as if they were playing themselves. ‟Come on man, get up, you fine you fine! Get up for the team!”, or something like ‟What, ref, seriously, son of a mother…”
Sports bring you the thrill of the game, the suspense till last second. It’ll make you hold your head in your hands, hang on to your neighbor, bite your nails, lose your voice, swear like a sailor…bref, sports are AWESOME! There’s no better end to a boring day at work (that is if you ever have boring days at work. Not me! Wink wink!), it’ll counterbalance the whole thing in one quarter, change your mood in a time-out and eventually make you realize how much freaking commercials are on at that time of the day (but that’s another story!). Yes, sports will do all that!

So, let’s keep at it people because sports seem to be a good cure for lots of ailments like stress or aches of all sorts. It is a fantastic way out of our daily routine, a way of expression in itself and the best part about it is that it’s pretty much always free!(I said pretty much)

Let’s continue playing hard and supporting our teams. Let’s get our Vuvuzelas out (or what is it going to be this time in Brazil?) and our jerseys ready, let’s cheer till our voice in no more and may the best team win! It’ll be the Spurs 😉


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