“Congratulations, your stats are booming!”

When I first started this blog back in November, I have to be honest and say that the purpose of it was only to build a portfolio of texts in both French and English to present to future employers during interviews. I really thought this was going to be it. Little did I know…

Now, almost three most later…I still haven’t found the job of my dreams (it’s going to happen, I know it) but I have an amazing growing audience.

This is absolutely mind-boggling to me. Dans Ma Toile Blog is read in almost 40 countries now and I love to get feedback from the world! I couldn’t have imagined my writing would touch that many people. I know, we’re not talking millions of people…but still, a lot! I appreciate each and every comment I get, kind words from strangers and encouragements from old and new friends, new followers…

I love to wake up every day and see my last post has been shared and reposted many times and people talk about it! That is big for me and it gives me the desire to keep at it and to come up with lots more to talk about! Even my French compatriots follow me despite the fact that my posts are mostly in English now! I know Google Translate is getting good business from some of you!

Little did I know I would get so excited to sit at my computer for hours and coming up with new content for my readers would be such a thrill!

From the moment WordPress told me “Congratulations, your stats are booming!” I said: “alright, I’m curious now, let’s see where this thing leads us!”

So, here it is: from me to you, THANK YOU! MERCI! There’s no stopping me now! Cheers to the next post!



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