The last days of Zack Sobiech

I stumbled upon this video and can truly say this kid opened my eyes to a brand new way of thinking. This is a fabulous (and very sad) story of a dying young man with the courage of a super hero. Humbling, touching, philosophical, a lot to handle…this story is all this and so much more.
I sometime find myself thinking negatively (don’t we all), argue with my husband about silly things, pick the wrong battles with my toddler or get mad for teeny tiny ridiculous things. I’m a worrier and even worry in anticipation sometimes (what if?). Zack,( I call him by his first name because, by the end of the video, you can NOT help but feel like this kid is a friend ), Zack makes you REthink it all. Really…
Why don’t we just let go of the superficial? Why don’t we just focus on the good, the beautiful and what makes our heart smile? Well, that’s what I’m going to try to do. Life is too short to spend it on the wrong things. Life is not a given and every morning should be a celebration.
Thank you for this legacy Zack Sobiech.


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