Green is my new “happy”

Have you ever found a place on earth you love so much, you could just stay there forever? Have you ever felt so comfortable somewhere that you could honestly say it feels like home even though you don’t live there on a regular basis?image3

I have! And this place is where my dad lives. I can’t call it ‘home’ for the simple reason I didn’t grow up there (I grew up a few miles away), but it’s pretty darn close.

I get to go with my husband and daughter and spend some of my summer every year and I LOVE it! I look forward to going back as soon as I leave and this trip is what keeps me going the whole year!

I’m sure by now you’re like “spill it, where’s that place?’

Well, no, it’s not in the Caribbean, no it’s not even by the beach. It’s not really a tourist-magnet either! It is the most quiet place on the planet, it is the most remote place and that’s specifically what makes it so perfect. It is Chez Mailland! File:Pays d'Auvergne map-fr.svg

What, you’ve never heard of it? Not surprised!

My dad lives in a “Lieu-Dit”, attached to the town of Le Breuil, in the heart of “La Montagne Bourbonnaise”, right in the center of France.

A typical day over there would probably go like this:

Waking up to the songs of happy birds, kind of like Cinderella, you know 🙂

Spending the day outside playing with my daughter. This could include lots of little activities like walking in the woods and little paths leading to the cold and oh so clear river a few meters down the road.


Talking to the cows: yes, cows do communicate over there! Moo and they’ll moo back at you!!

Sitting quietly in the backyard, almost holding your breath so you can have the chance to spot or hear what my daughter would call little Bambis.

Rescuing all kinds of small creatures and discover nature.

Rest in the hammock and enjoy the view.

Aperitif with family and friends – if you are not familiar with this term, you will have to search for the definition and adopt the concept right away 😉image5

Eating, eating and eating again…there’s nothing like French food, NOTHING!

To sum it up, Le Breuil is a wonderful and welcoming charming little town and I couldn’t ask for a better pied-a-terre and vacation spot. This is not a post to promote the place in a touristic way, but only a way to celebrate it and share with you a very important part of me!

What is yours?

Cheers to everybody’s favorite place on earth!!


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