The beach test


I’ve always been really interested in Brazil. Well, ok, not always. It’s started around my twenties and yes, I was more interested in Brazilians than Brazil itself but that’s not the point…things have changed and I still love this country I’ve never been to. I sure hope to go someday.

I have a lot of Brazilian friends and I can 100% say that they are special. Ahhh Brazil, tata tata tata, lala lala lala lala (do you recognize that song? No? Hehe 😉

There’s something about it, something about the Brazilian people and their ways, their look and most importantly (according to moi), their smile. Stop me if I’m wrong but they seem (and are for the most part) genuine. They are simple, humble and happy people! And I like that. Not only is it likable, but it is contagious. No, seriously? Do you know any Brazilians? Even better, are you Brazilian?

Ok, so by now, you know I like Brazil and all. This includes also the landscapes, their foods etc…I repeat, I’ve never been but I know quite a few things about this country.

Recently, one piece of news (well, news to me, but this could almost qualify as a tradition) was brought to my attention by my oh so nice Brazilian co-worker Marcos. He introduced me to the BEACH TEST concept. Yes people, the beach test! I personally would call it the bitch test but, anyway.

So the beach test…according to Marcos, it’s basically the test that will either make you or break you if you are a girl trying to date.

You found a guy you want to go out with again and he asks you to go to the beach the next day. Basically, either you go or not. If you go and the guy is not seeing what he wants, then there will not be another date. If he likes it, I figure you will know it!

So, the question is: do you like that Beach test concept or not? Me? Not sure…I probably wouldn’t be married or dating anybody there then!! And wait, I guess we can maybe hope not all Brazilians like perfection and perfection only.

It’s somewhat degrading for women. I mean, it’s pretty much comparable to going to a meat market to find the perfect steak for dinner! No really, it is!

On the other hand, come on, if this is almost tradition, then Brazilian women are well aware of it. So by now it’s established they have the choice of either showing up at the beach or faking something came up that day! I personally would (fake it)…no way dude!

I guess they’re right: if you don’t have the body of a supermodel, you can always NOT socialize at ALL during summertime and only meet people in winter! Clever! But not ideal! And not realistic either.

Here’s a little video I found on the subject. Oh yes, there ARE videos about this beach test on the net! How did I not know about this before?

So what do you guys think? Yay or nay to the beach Test? And Brazilian readers, what is your take on that?


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