That grass.

We, humans, have all experienced this at least once in our lifetime. Some more than others I’m sure. Jealousy!
We have all found ourselves in the situation where we wished we either had or did something we didn’t. I’m not judging, I actually think it’s natural and only
human to compare ourselves with the rest of the world. I myself feel that way sometimes…but I try to refrain from it because… what if grass was totally burned and topped with dog doodoo on the other side of the fence?
I mean, what if what we desire in the other person was only a facade hiding all kinds of terrible things?
What? No, I’m not just trying to make you (and me) feel better about ourselves! No, no, seriously.

That one girl in the street yesterday, you know, the one who looked at you weird (maybe). She DID have the prettiest blond hair but did you know she has the worst breath? The worst!

That guy who had the cutest puppy, you wished so badly it was yours and swore you would probably take better care of it than him…
Did you realize they were both homeless and this dog is the most loyal connection the man will ever have? So much that, without Milou, he probably wouldn’t make it?

Watching one of the millions of prime time shows featuring celebs.
She did NOT just get a kiss from Justin Bieber, did she? That’s just ridiculous, it should be me. And, she’s UGLY!
Would you allow yourself to say that if you knew this girl was a person whose last wish was to hang with the Biebs?

Now I’m sure you get my point. What we are jealous of is only what we see. We tend to draw conclusions very quickly without really knowing the person and the story behind the physical aspect.
And this works for everything, not just jealousy.

Think about it. If you have ever said something negative about somebody right off the bat and later said: “oh man, I feel bad now, I didn’t know!”
We all have, I think.

This is a personal example.
I know people think I’m a rude and narcissistic self-centered person when I go inside a store and keep my sunglasses on. (Well, maybe I am, maybe I’m not!) They can think all that, but I know they would change their mind if they knew these are prescription glasses and I can’t see what I’m buying without them. Would you really want me to take them off and buy grandmas’ nighttime diapers instead of my original purchase, just to make you happy!?

Things like that happen constantly. I guess, what I’m trying to say is: mind your business and you’ll be happier that way. And, be more compassionate. We just never know what people are going through and what their circumstances are. I’m not perfect and I’m going to try harder at this too. I know it’s easier said than done and, you’re probably thinking “who is she to give lessons?”, but think about it…wouldn’t life, your life be easier if you let go of all comparison or negative feelings towards people you don’t even know? Wouldn’t your life be more raw and simple?

We NEVER know! It is very possible grass is a beautiful shade of green on the other side, but it’s more than likely you’ll always find weeds and bare patches if you take a closer look at it! So live it up and be happy 🙂


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