Don’t you dare abuse it! That’s my sweet spot

I’m a pretty tough girl but I have to admit: I have a sweet spot, and it is animals. I’m the kind of human who can not pass by a homeless person accompanied by their best friend without tearing up. I know, think what you want, the fact that they have a dog gets me every time, and, you might be right to think I probably wouldn’t stop if there was no furry friend involved.

I know it doesn’t help much but every occasion I get, I buy a bag full of treats and drop it at the feet of their owner. Sometimes I even get to feed the pups while I talk to their master and get to know a bit more about their story.

I’ve blogged about this before but I will never say it enough; dogs are man’s best friend and possibly the best remedy for just about any aches. They bring comfort, loyalty and truthfulness to this world. I can not envision life without their craziness and innocence. You got the point: I love dogs.

Especially mine

That’s MayaFront Camera

And ChanelMy sweet Chanel

Yesterday I met yet another homeless person and stopped to chat for a while. What attracted me to him was the fact that he had a kitty all wrapped up in some kind of “kitty sweater”. As I talked to him, he explained how he fashioned the cat a custom coat. He even tried to make him pants, but as he said: “cats don’t like pants”. This man was so proud to show me his creations and the pictures of Crêpe Suzette’s parents (yes, the cat’s name is Crêpe Suzette!). I imagine this man would be lost without his cat and I could tell he loved him unconditionally, just like his child. It warms my heart to see this kind of mutual love and respect between species.

I initially wanted to blog about animal abuse today and these horrendous pictures and videos going viral on the web these days. I just cannot comprehend this kind of behavior and the pleasure these awful inhuman people get out of abusing furry friends. My heart and soul hurt just thinking about it all…

And you know what? After all, I won’t elaborate on the subject: they just don’t deserve this kind of publicity and I don’t want to spend more time talking about these monsters. I will just hope justice is served.

And since I’d much rather think happy thoughts today, here is a link you should absolutely click on. Laughs and happiness guaranteed!

And just because I can, I would like you to check out a wonderful place that rescues all kinds of animals in Oklahoma, US. I made a donation and I know it’ll be put to good use. They are the most dedicated people and absolutely love all creatures. The wonderful lady who runs the Wild Heart Ranch is the equivalent of our French Brigitte Bardot. Take time to visit their website or Facebook where you’ll be able to watch videos of the rescued animals and more.


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