Lazy lazy lazy


Is it actually laziness, or is it a master plan in progress?

It is time to talk about (vent, make fun of, tease a bit) husbands, boyfriends and males of all kinds!  Ready, get set, GO!

Next, you will find a few situations you could find yourself in. First responses we would all have, and their alternatives. What would you say if it were you?

She found his dirty socks on the floor right underneath the open door of the washing machine yesterday.
What she said: “Seriously? Couldn’t you have made an effort and put them in the wash directly?”

Instead, what she should have said: “Good job honey, you almost made it! So close!”

He left the sugar container on the counter after using it.
What she said:” Ok, do you think this sugar is magically going to make its way down the drawer? Is that what you think?”

What she should have said: ” Aww thank you for being so thoughtful, how did you know I was going to need sugar for my coffee….tomorrow?”

He was supposed to land (he literally was on a plane) and get home around 10:30pm. 1am and still nothing. Mister M.I.A is not answering his phone either.

When he finally made it home like a flower, without an explanation, she said: “Where in the world were you, I thought your were dead and your plane had crashed?
Instead, she should have nicely mentioned to him: “thanks for keeping me up all night worried sick, I usually sleep too much anyway. I actually DO enjoy dark circles under my eyes in the morning. That way, no need for eye shadow since these nice dark shades of blue-ish grey are already taking care of it. You are actually saving me some time before work……NOT!”

Alright, I think you get the point by now. We’ve all experienced similar moments, haven’t we? Even in reversed situations where the ladies are in trouble instead.

Wanna play? Give me more examples of these ridiculous conversations! True stories or made up, this might get interesting


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