11 obvious signs I’m getting old


It’s happening, I can tell. I don’t like it but I can’t deny it, I’m getting old, FOR REAL. I guess there’s a point where one should give up and surrender and I might be there. Already! The signs don’t lie.

1: I started using a Vichy anti-wrinkle cream every night at bedtime. You know, when you get that constant “mom frown” going, there’s no turning back. Rough

2: I found 2, not 1…wait for it…white hairs. Smurf, no good.

3: I call younger people “youngsters”. Yes I do. Call me grandma.

4: I have a child; that, itself makes us age, it’s undeniable. Sometimes, when she’s in trouble I say: “you should be ashamed of yourself young lady!”

5: I don’t understand conversions of people in there 20s. No seriously, they invented new words, I didn’t get the memo. Now, I’m HAS BEEN.

6: I just used the expression “HAS BEEN”, not cool.

7: I can now say things like: “remember 20 years ago…”. WOW

8: I remember how miserable life was without a cell phone. Think about it.

9: I can’t believe I used to say things like: “are you serious, you can NOT date this guy. 32 is way too old, I bet his body is wrinkled”. 32??? I AM 32!

10: I’m not asked for my I.D when I purchase alcohol. EVER!

11: I can’t dance anymore. Yes, it can happen, and NO, it’s not like riding a bicycle…moving just gets awkward! Dang, I used to have awesome moves in my twenties! True story.

Sorry everybody, I sure don’t want to be a Debbie downer. I’m sure some age better than others 😉


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