Their strange addictions

Every day we are bombarded with new reality shows on TV. I mean, really. Turn on your TV every day and I’m sure you’ll discover a new one every time. I’m not huge on these shows, no. And I don’t even know why there is an audience for it. It absolutely brings nothing positive to the public. However, there is one show, one I will admit I watch on a regular basis. Not because it’s good, no, because it really isn’t, but because of the content and the protagonists.
My Strange addiction. Have you ever dared watching? Is it even real? Do they really do that? Every time I start watching an episode, I cannot stop. Somehow, the producers of My strange addiction found a way for us to remain glued to the screen til the end of the thirty-minute show which airs on TLC.
Like its explicit title lets you guess it, the show is about people like you and I (well, not really), who are battling addiction. Not an addiction you are used to hear about like drugs or sex for example, it would be too Deja Vu! We’re talking weird addiction here. I’ll give you some examples (don’t freak out).

There once was a young guy featured in the show, seemed dorky but nothing out of the ordinary. He was addicted to his CAR, yes his car. He was “in a relationship” with his car and even admitted to having sexual encounters with “her”. How can you NOT judge that kind of people? Most shows like this point out the psychological disorders these people are experiencing, but somehow, My strange addiction doesn’t and it makes them all look weird, just plain bizarre. You don’t even feel bad for them and your reaction tends to be more “oh my, what in the H-$! Is wrong with him?” than “poor child, it’s got to be coming from her childhood, right?”
So far, I have seen stories of people addicted to inflatables (and also having relationships with them), coffee enemas (graphic I know), or eating mattresses (the foamy part), sheetrock, paint and Comet (yes the cleaning product). Some were (and pretty sure they still ARE) addicted to overusing urine and bleach for everything. These two were outrageous: they would literally bathe in it or brush their teeth with it. Another lady was drinking blood. What on earth people?
Recently, it was about this lady, who already had augmented her breasts size multiple times to a QQQ. It was so sad for her little daughter who said she just couldn’t hug her mama and hated her boobs because they were gross. She can barely walk, can’t run at all because of how big her breasts are but still, the woman is currently seeking a surgeon who will agree to double her size. We’re talking life threatening boobs guys, now that’s plain crazy!

Their problem (because let’s face it, I don’t want to be too harsh but it’s a problem) is obviously psychological in a way. Something has to have triggered these obsessions and addictions. You can’t possible become addicted to pony play (yes it exists and I will let you Google it because I’m still too traumatized to talk about it), bee stings, being a real life doll, becoming a better version of Ken (Barbie’s sugar daddy), licking cats, sleeping with a hair dryer or eating sand.
I guess it’s a bit sad to feature individuals on TV who have a real issue and expose them to millions for money. Granted some accept to be a part of the show to overcome their addiction because it’s affecting their relationships with others, but most are absolutely fine and fearless of what the future could bring, even with such dangerous obsessions and have no desire to stop anytime soon. What are they thinking exactly? “Great, I’m gonna be on TV because what I’m doing is cool”. While on the other side of the screen we’re completely disgusted…
I said it before: I watch this show because it intrigues me, and I understand w other people would watch as well; but what bothers me, is the impact My strange addiction (and other reality shows for that matter) has on children and young adults who are more impressionable.”-How cool, this girl is famous for drinking her urine! I’m going to do that to!”-It clearly is all about parental control when it comes to this kind of things, but sometimes it is not enough to protect our children from such negative behaviors.
What do you all think about this? Do you have any opinion?


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