She’ll always be the baby…


Growing up 5 years apart, my younger sister and I were never close. And when I say never, I mean NEVER. From the get go, I knew something was up when, for no apparent reason, my grandma showed up with two identical dresses she had sewn herself: one for me, and one for my Barbie. I knew it, told ya something wasn’t right: that day, a baby moved in. Her name? Sandra! She was here to stay and I had NO idea. 5 years was too much, it just didn’t work for us. I didn’t like this little thing to play copycat and follow me everywhere. She didn’t like her big sister either…
One day, she tried to kill me: as I was getting a snack in the fridge, she slammed the door as hard as she could, hoping she’d decapitate me or something. Rough, rough, rough. Another time, she waited for all my friends to be hanging out at our place and paraded in my bra that she had put on and filled with socks, and proceeded to dance on the patio as they were all watching. Me, 10 years old: MORTIFIED!
On a regular basis, I think we were more ignoring each other than anything. We were roommates, we had to live under the same roof but that was it. I really didn’t have anything against her, she was just my annoying Little Sister. Too young to play with.
And somehow, one day, something started to change for me. Or maybe SHE had started to change and it became clear. She did something I will never forget. -Mind you we don’t come from a very demonstrative an affectionate family- as my long time boyfriend had recently broken up with me, I discovered that night, he had moved on with somebody else. I lost it, I sobbed in my bedroom like I never sobbed before. So loud that I probably woke my sister up and she came down. She took me in her arms and comforted me. She stayed as long as she had to (even though she had school the next day, she was 15.) and said:”you need to rest now, you’ll be exhausted tomorrow.Sleep”. That night, she matured faster than the speed of light.
From that moment on, our sisterhood became more cordial. It’s with time and life experiences, good and bad, that we became closer. Now, I, almost 32 years old, can NOT envision my life without my sister.
She’s the most mature, self sufficient, driven, generous individual I have ever met. She’s what I want to be on a lot of levels. She’s become a strong, open minded intelligent woman. My little sister is a woman, but she will always be a baby.
Who would have thought, I would consider the kid who once tried to murder me, like one of my best friends? Who could have said that someday she would become a confident, a wise adviser and a rock for me? How could I have predicted she would be such a role model to my daughter, so much that if anything ever happened to my husband and I, I wouldn’t want my child to be raised by anybody else?
She’s some kind of wonder woman to me. The kind who could save the world if there was a meteor threatening to eradicate our planet, the kind that could have a natural birth and take it like a champ.
She’s all that and more. She’s my sister and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.
Happy 27th birthday.

With love,

Your old but still cool sister!


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