I’m sorry, what?


When it comes to adapting to new cultures and languages, I can say I have a few stories to tell. For the ones who aren’t familiar with my story, I moved to the United States to be with my husband (long story short), and lived in Oklahoma for almost 8 years. So, yea, I had plenty of time to adapt. I thought language would be the most difficult -even though it’s English and everybody speaks it a little- but cultural differences were also a significant change. We now live in Quebec, so we are facing other changes, but this is another story.
When I thought I had the language thing down, I definitely was wrong. And you know what word was the hardest for me to say back then? Squirrel! Ahah! I had to practice hard to finally get it. Laugh! Yes you can!
When I finally got the right to work, I spent a few hours a week in a store selling crafts and all kinds of things. One day, I asked a grandma how many “shits” of paper she needed! Yes I did! And yes, I was mortified but oh well!
Another time, at the restaurant, I let my in-laws know that I really enjoyed going to the “bitch”. Yep! That’s me! The Frenchie who loves going to the “bitch” in her spare time! Who the hell did our son marry? That’s what their eyes were saying! Loneliness! That’s what you could read in MY eyes. Oh boy! Another time, as I was teaching a French class to adults (and by adults, I mean 60 and over) I basically told them all to “feel up” (a bottle of water but still). And last but not least, as I later specialized in home staging and interior design, I one day went on and on about the benefits of creating a “fucus wall” (focus). Holy crap people, that’s embarrassing! Now, I knew the right words, it all was a question of prononciation and intonation but still…
Maybe this post should be dedicated to all of you out there who are adjusting to new worlds and immersing yourself in another language. Reading this should make you feel better about making mistakes. And clearly, shame doesn’t kill! Derision was my solution! In the end, it actually creates good content and pretty fun memories to share!


One thought on “I’m sorry, what?

  1. I would have done the same thing : bitch instead of beatch, etc. ….. Funny ! but now, you’re the best, bisous

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