The Art of Staging a House


When it comes to Staging, what kind of wall art should you use? Since it is all about neutralizing, how can you choose a painting, a print or a picture that is not taste specific?

Well, first of all, try to stay away from flashy colors. Then, I would say that your choice will depend on the room you are staging. For example, in the kitchen, you should play with shapes for your art. Who said that every “chef d’oeuvre“needed to be presented in a frame? Be creative…

Depending on your color scheme, you could play with different shades and use pictures of drinks, food (such as spices), bottles…something really appropriate for the kitchen. Recipes can be really eye catching as well if nicely presented.

In the dining-room, wall art could be plates or placemats, but if you want to keep it simple, a landscape is great too. Landscapes are used the most in Staging because they pretty much go in every room throughout the house. Abstract is a genre of Art that suit the needs of a staged home. And, since Staging doesn’t mean boring, you have a lot more options than still-lives and landscapes. Just remember to keep it simple and to avoid portraits; they are just too personal and taste specific.

The purpose of putting Art on walls when staging a house is not only to look good and appealing. It’s also to anchor a piece of furniture or to create a vignette. (For example: a couple of paintings above the sofa).
Remember that to fill up empty walls; Art is not the only solution: think outside the box. You can also find some great architectural wall art and iron candleholders. Just shop around and you will find endless possibilities.


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