You know what? There’s one topic that definitely deserves to be blogged about. Friends, Friendship.
Events (good and bad), relationships (good, and, oh so bad), material things will make your life, build it; but it all will pass with time. No matter what, it will pass. But there’s ONE pretty darn good thing (other than family obviously), that will ALWAYS remain, and it is friendship. I’m talking about the real friends, the few ones, the ones who will stick forever because…that’s it, just because, that’s just the way it is.
I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t live without my true friends. I don’t have many, that’s for sure. But the people I do have as best friends, have been in my life forever. For so long that I don’t make the distinction between family and friends when I talk about them, because they ARE family.
Isn’t it the best thing to know you do have such people to count on? Real deep relationships you can share your life with? Good or bad, you can share everything. When I think about my best friends, I always have that smile, the smile that says it all. The smile loaded with memories. All the crazy things we’ve done, the life lessons we’ve shared, the mistakes we’ve made, the disappointments and the joy, the sadness and the laughter…

How sad would life be without these rocks? How empty would it feel? We don’t all have to live in a fantasy world like we are in an episode of FRIENDS, -although, how cool would that be?- but we definitely should nurture these relationships because they help balance our life and keep us grounded. We should also always be open to new friendships and open our doors to new people, because, who knows, somewhere down the road, they might become THE true friend you wish you had met sooner.


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