Back when I used to live in the States, there was one “thing” that would always cheer me up during a bad day: watching Ellen! Do you guys know Ellen DeGeneres? If you don’t, you’ve probably been living in a cave these last few years because she’s almost as popular as the Pope (I said almost) and everybody loves her…not that guy called Raymond! Everybody loves Ellen! And do you know why? Because she’s smart, she’s sweet, she’s crazy generous and mostly because…she can dance! Ellen DeGeneres hosts her own show every day and one thing you could say for sure is that there’s not a dull moment during that hour. She starts off with a monologue, which is always my favorite part, and then moves on to games, or small segments like Thumbsy Clumsy (lol), to finally welcome guests of all kinds, from celebrities (who all seem to be her friend, because who would not want to be?) to deserving people with the most touching stories (hit by Tornadoes, bankruptcy etc…) Ellen is hilarious, really! It’s no surprise she started as a stand-up comedian. She’s so quick on her feet, she cracks me up. On a more serious note, there has been many testimonies of people in very sad, stressful situations saying that the Ellen show was the only time during the day they could let go and just smile! I will always remember this lady who said Ellen is the reason she kept fighting as she watched her on chemo days. Ellen is on a lot of people’s bucket list! Ellen is THAT strong, she has THAT much of an impact on people. She’s simply THAT good. To me, she surpasses Oprah (yea I said it, do you like that Ellen? Ha). She’s day after day building an empire of love, happiness, compassion and unity. Check her out: if you haven’t, you’re missing out. We should all have an Ellen around, I bet ya life would be sweeter!

Laugh,Dance, Live


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