And so it begins…


And so it begins…we put up the Christmas tree last weekend, this definitely kicks off the festivities. December 1st hit and it’s like everybody had the same thing on their mind: Xmas! We could see people walking home with fresh cut trees of all sizes. To add to the magic, it was snowing! Pretty cool, right? Usually, Christmas is pretty exciting in itself, but now that we have to share the holidays with a two and a half year old, it multiplies the excitement by a million. The Advent calendar, the elf on the shelf, the humongous tree in our living room… Even the letters to Santa (yes, letters, two of them!), just to make sure Miss Sunshine would get her “camion de poubelle” for Christmas this year. Ha! Everything is in place and we could not be waiting for Santa with more impatience! Now, although I love the atmosphere and the joy leading up to the big day, the 25th, I do NOT care for what seems to possess shoppers. The closer we get to Christmas, the crazier people get. They become rude and selfish and would do just about anything to get the last of whatever they had their eye on for their grand nephew Simon. Oh well, maybe Santa won’t bring them anything! Nanananère!
Anyway, Tis the season my friends!



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