What for?


This ad for Gap was vandalized. Somebody though it’d be smart to replace “Make Love” with “Make Bombs’ and add “Please stop driving taxis”. The reason behind it? The Indian-American model is Sikh. This story has become quite a sensation over the internet and I think the way Gap handled the situation is very demonstrative of the Company’s values. They found out where the specific poster was located, they acknowledged the problem on their social media accounts and above all, they acted on it. How, you would ask? Gap is doing a fantastic job at representing minority fashion models.They made their ” Make Love” campaign even bigger, showing couples from diverse backgrounds posing together. The goal of this campaign is obviously to open people’s mind and spread a message; which I think is AWESOME! This might not be the image of traditional American beauty, but IT IS BEAUTY! This is what it takes to break the walls. Having a huge presence and exposing people to new ideas without fearing retaliations. That’s how revolutions start: with baby steps. The vandal allowed the media to talk about something that needed to be talked about.This topic is about racism and ignorance (for sure), but this is not the only situation we have on our hands.I think the same thing needs to be done about gay marriage and homosexuality in general. We have a long road ahead of us, but I believe it can be done. I believe we can all be more tolerant. There’s wiggle room for it, trust me!

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